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Dr. Bon Sy received his Master and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1986 and 1988 respectively. He joined Queens College of the City University of New York (CUNY) as an Assistant Professor of Computer Science in 1988. He is now a tenured Full Professor of both Queens College and the University Graduate Center of CUNY. He was also an adjunct Professor of Biometrics at NYU-Poly from 2010-2013. During September of 1997 to August of 1998, he was on a sabbatical leave from Queens College to join the PAMI (Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence) Group of the University of Waterloo, Canada, where he started a book project on techniques for pattern analysis, synthesis and pattern-based inference with applications to data mining. During June of 2014 to Aug of 2015, he was on another sabbatical leave to start a CUNY startup SIPPA Solutions. Further details on his professional credentials can be found in his cv in short version (Word format) or long version (PDF format).

Bon's research interests span over multi-disciplinary areas such as biometrics applications to security, secure computation for privacy protection, data mining application for health data analytics, information retrieval based on natural language, IT security and trust, robotics, VoIP and wireless networking, speaker verification and voice recognition, pattern-based approach for science learning, statistical model selection techniques, decision theory and risk management, informational retrieval, uncertain reasoning, abstraction theory, and application of information-statistical data analysis for bioinformatics, census, and environmental study. His cross-discipline collaboration has contributed to better understanding of the climate change and earthquake modeling based on multi-population theory and change point detection, chromosome classification based on information theory, and dysarthric speech evaluation using computer based voice recognizer.

His noticeable research accomplishments include patented secure computation protocol for two-party private data comparison and its application to cryptographic key re-generation based on personal biometrics, patented privacy preserved reputation inquiry for intrusion and trust signature characterization, patented information-statistical approach for model discovery to support data analytics under incomplete information, and patented time-based software licensing. One of his patents was acquired few years ago. His research group has engaged in various projects in biometrics, secure computation, data mining and intelligent information technology with particular emphasis on science, education, industrial and healthcare applications. Bon feels fortunate that his projects have been selected consistently by various funding agencies for support.

His commercialization venture is focused on empowering individuals with tools to securely exchange and consolidate health data with privacy assurance, and to transform their data to actionable plan for achieving self-management and personalized healthcare. To date, the commercialization venture has resulted in the following milestones:
- Finalist of NYC Innovate Health Tech in 2013, and NSF I-corps program.
- NSF SBIR award and licensing SIPPA technology from CUNY to SIPPA Solutions in 2014.
- Allowance on the Continuation in Part of the patent application on SIPPA technology in 2015.
- SIPPA Health was one of the five selected out of 60 Start Ups to present in the Investors Meeting of ATA 2016.
- SIPPA Health was one of the eight finalists selected out of 113 entries for the 1st round of the $1MM challenge on solving the national patient ID problem in 2016.

At CUNY, Bon maintains a research group composed of undergraduate and graduate students to engage in various research projects in advanced computer technology, with particular emphasis on their industrial and business applications. In 2013, the high school student team that he mentored won the second place on the NY State Regional Science Fair for their project on speaker verification evaluation project. In 2012, he served as the mentor of the student winning the first place on NYU CSAW biometric voice hacking. One of his students won the third place in the security contest CSAW in 2007, and his high school summer intern of 2010 won the silver medal in the ACT-SO of the NAACP competition with his RSA project. One of his student groups has won the first place in the U.S. region student project contest organized by the Oracle Inc. at 2000. The technical reports of his groups that detail various projects are available by e-mail request.

Some of Bon's completed projects include a book in data mining, a web portal for managing wireless hotspot location and security, VoIP/PSTN integration, and wireless coverage for Kissena Park with 802.1X security, and a data warehouse. He has completed (Sept 99) the first subject test towards the developer track of the Oracle Certification Program, and 16 credits of CISSP/SSCP continuing education training (Sept 2004). After that, he went on to gain the credential of CISSP.

In his leisure time, Bon participates in various community activities. In the past, he volunteered for the Veteran Recreational Program of Veteran's Bedside Network, and the New York City Computer Club of the National Association for Investment Corporation. He was also a volunteer for the Shelter Program, the Meals on Heels, and the English Speaking Program of the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church (FAPC) of NYC. Bon, a member of FAPC since 1992, and served in the Board of Deacon to support the mission of the Church from 1995-1997. Recently he volunteered in Tzu Chi Chinese School.

Besides community services, Bon spends his leisure time developing hobbies ranging from flying a Cessna 152 (or 172) to Block Island from NYC for a bike tour, to winning a mental battle on the bridge table. He is currently an instrument rated IFR private pilot for single-engine landed aircrafts. In parallel to his flying project, he was into learning scuba diving few years ago. Since he became a father, he spends most of his leisure time with his daughters!

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