Q1. Who is the internship coordinator at the Computer Science Department?

Q2. What is the benefit of participating in an internship?

Q3. What are the requirements for an undergraduate internship?

CSCI 398 Internship

Completion of 15 credits in computer science and departmental approval. An internship may carry up to 6 credits subject to departmental approval. A proposal must be approved by the department before registration. The internship grade will be based on both the employer's and internship coordinator's evaluations of the student's performance, based on the final (and/or midterm) report(s). CSCI 398 may not be applied to the computer science major or minor.

Q4. What are the requirements for a graduate internship?

CSCI 788 Cooperative Education Placement

Completion of at least three graduate computer science courses, excluding Computer Science 601, 602, 640, and 780, and approval by the internship coordinator.

Q5. How do I get information on the internship opportunities?

Enroll in the web by filling in the internship survey form, submitting your electronic resume, and depositing a hardcopy of your resume with the CS Department. The URLs are:

For filling in the internship survey form:


Benefit: You will be added to the mailing list for getting internship offering information made available to the CS department.

For submitting your electronic resume: 


Benefit: You will get automatic forwarding service of your resume to potential employers:

In addition, students should also consult the College Office of Cooperative Education and Internships for listings of available internships. Job forums in the Internet, (local) newspapers, and job fairs are alternative sources for securing internship, part-time and full-time jobs.

Remark: Part-time and full-time jobs may not be appropriate for the internship credits.

Q6. What parties are involved in the internship arrangement?


The participating student who

* reserves the right to accept or not to accept an offer by a company with credits approved by the internship coordinator,

* is responsible for contacting individual companies and for securing internship offer(s).


A participating company which

* reserves the right to hire or not to hire a student,

* is responsible for providing an appropriate environment and supervision for students to work with them, and for students to learn.


Internship Coordinator who

* reserves the right to approve/disapprove an internship for credit, and if approved, the number of credits for an internship,

* is responsible for distributing internship opportunity information to students.

Q7. What do I have to prepare for applying a credit bearing internship?

1. An offering letter from the company.

2. The same letter, or another letter from the supervisor who specifies the job activities, hours, and whether it is a paid or non-paid internship. In addition, the letter MUST state clearly whether the job involves any propriety and/or non-disclosed information leading to a copyright, patent and/or trademark.

3. The student should also provide the name and the telephone number of the immediate supervisor, and a xerox copy of Queens College transcript.

Remark: The copy of a transcript can be substituted by the most recent student record obtained from the Computer Science department secretaries.

Q8. What report should I be expected to prepare for the internship?

A midterm evaluation report may be required upon the request of the supervisor to whom a student will report in the company, or the internship coordinator. A final report is mandatory for a credit-bearing internship.

Q9. What should be in the final report?

The report should be no more than 10 double spaced pages. The report should have 2 parts:

Part 1. The description of the job activities and all the technical details included as an appendix. (The appendix does not count for the 10-page limit.)

Part 2. Personal experience on the internship. This part of the report should not exceed 4 pages (out of the 10-page limit) and will also be used to determine the final grade of a student. Both positive and negative experiences should be documented. This part of the report will NOT be made accessible by the companies. However, if a student's experience may be valuable for the other students participating in the similar internships, this part of the report may be made available in an anonymous form; where the identity of the author of the report will be kept strictly confidential.

Remark: In addition to the hardcopy, an internship student must also submit a floppy disk of the 10-page report in plain ASCII format.

To fill in an internship survey form, Click here (survey).

To prepare an electronic resume, Click here (resume).