Different Platform Locations

There are three basic computer platforms (type of computing systems) that you will be working with. There is the IBM PC and Clones, the Apple Macintosh and the DEC VAX system. There are other systems available, but the three we mention here are the ones you are most likely to be using.

The systems are scattered across the campus, and you always have more than one alternative to access the platform of your choice.

Where to find IBM PCs and PC Clones

2nd floor of I bldg

IBM PCs and PC Clones can be found in several places across campus. The most popular location is in the New Science Building, . In room NSB A135 you will find Macintosh style computers. Addition PC rooms are in the 2nd floors of I building and the PC there are much better equipped.

Each room has it's own laser printer that can be accessed from any computer in that room. All the computers are connected to the Local Area Network (LAN). The computers will also give you access to QCNET. Using the computers on the LAN, you may connect to any mainframe system that you have an account on. You also have virtually full interactive access to the Internet. On the more advanced computers, you also are able to have access to the World Wide Web. There is a fair amount of features available in this lab.

I Building, Second Floor

You also are able to connect using the PCs on the second floor of the I building.

A shortcoming of the PC area in the I building is that there is no support for you while using the machines. If you go ask for help at the Support Area, they will just refer you to the labs in NSB A135. Other than that, it is a low traffic area that is quiet. If you do not need advanced systems and want a peaceful area to work in, this is the Place.

Powdermaker Hall, Room 304

There are also computers that you can access in Powdermaker Hall, Room 304. Check future editions of this document for a report on the facilities. If you can come up with a review before we do, please submit it to the address below and we will include it in this document.

Where to find Macintosh Systems

If you are a user of the Apple Macintosh computer system, you can find them in the New Science Building, Room A135. The PC labs in Room A135 have eight Macintosh LC575 computers, nine Macintosh SE computers and eight Macintosh II computers. The amount of PCs far out number the number of Macintosh computers, but that is the reality of the computing world. The PC platform is just more popular.

Where to find VAX access

I building, Second Floor

If you have a VAX account with the ACC (Academic Computing Center), there are quite a few locations for you to access your account. The I Building, Second Floor has two rooms dedicated to terminal access of your VAX account. There are no local storage devices. If you need to print out a file, there are mail boxes where the result of your print are deposited. the mail box number will represent your account's user ID. The mailboxes are not private to each account they are shared by a few accounts in each box. This was the way the VAX system was designed to be operated, but there are ways to work around the limitations of not having a local disk or printer.

You can also access the VAX by using a networked computer and the Telnet feature of the Internet. Telnet will allow you remote access to your account. You are able to go to any of the PCs in the PC area on the second floor and Telnet into your account and work as if you were on one of the terminals. If you wanted to get a file or load a file in to your VAX account you could use the FTP feature of the Internet. You would be able to download and upload files from the PC you are working on. If you downloaded your text files using FTP, you can use the personal computer's print command to print the file. There is a laser printer in the I building PC Lab.

Rosenthal Library, Second Floor

The second floor of the Rosenthal Library has terminals that you may access your account with. To find the terminals, use the elevator doors as a landmark. If you face the way you would if you exited the elevator, the terminal area is to the right. You have the same capabilities as if you were in the terminal rooms in the second floor of the I Building.

PC Labs

Any of the PC Labs on campus will give you access to your VAX account. You need to be familiar with the Internet Telnet feature. Using Telnet will allow you remote access.

Home Connection

If you have a PC and a Modem at home, you can do a remote logic in to QCNET. This is probably the most convenient way to connect to the VAX. You can perform your work from the comfort of your home. To upload and download files you would need to utilize the Kermit file transfer protocol. If you do not have Kermit protocol on within your communications software package, or if you have no communication software, you can get a free copy of Kermit from the PC Labs in NSB A135. All you have to do is bring a blank disk. See a Lab Assistant to help you.

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