This document was created to assist new students to quickly become aware of the computing resources of Queens College. The objective is not only to inform students of these resources, but to also aid the novice computer user to get started.

The systems available on campus are varied. The computers available are older IBM PCs and Macintosh computers to more modern Macintosh and PC compatible computers running the latest software. Students are able to perform quite a bit with the facilities that are available on campus. The computers are networked and have virtually full access the Internet.

A student can perform much of his academic pursuits using the computing facilities. Some of the useful things you can do are:

Guide Objective

This guide is not meant to be a complete tutorial. Our goal is to provide you with just enough information that you will be able to start yourself on the road to being a power user.. In no way should the information that is published in this guide be construed as complete. The information might be all that you need to know to perform your tasks. It is a well rounded source of information related to computers.

The guide was initially conceived for new Computer Science majors. In it's final form, it was decided that the guide should be addressed to all students. It is hoped that it will still act as an effective tool for CS101 and CS95 Students. The guide may be too simplistic for many people. For those people, obviously this is not going to be very useful. It's intent was to aid the new students find computers and put them to use.

Also very important, the guide gives information on using the Internet. The Internet is a relatively new concept to people and has many features for researching and retrieving information. The guide will cover the Internet features to give a student a better means of obtaining information to aid in academic pursuits.

There was more than one reason to create this document in HTML (hypertext Markup Language). The initial reason was ease of searching. We felt if laid out properly, the document would be easier for retrieval of information. Using good hypertext linking in our design would mean quicker retrieval of information. Another reason was that we plan to have this document available on a World Wide Web server. In doing this, a student only had to know how to link up to the web. Then he could access this document from any place in the world.

Our initial plan was to distribute this document locally via disk to students who may want it. Short of having a server to distribute the information, this was the only way that we knew how to get it to our immediate audience. Eventualy, this document will be obtainable by any one in the world. Untill then, we hope word of mouth will spread the document across campus and in to the hands of people with need for it. If you feel that we missed something or find various errors in the document, please let us know. We are all ears and welcome any comments.

This document was written by Louis Bianchi. We owe many thanks to the feedback provided by Bert and the students of CS101. More specific details about this document are available.

Please send suggestions and further details to:

Dr. Bon K. Sy
Queens College/CUNY
Department of Computer Science
Flushing, NY 11367
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