Different Available Systems

The systems that you have available to you in school are varied. The hottest spots on campus are the personal computing labs in NSB A135 (Mac) and the VAX terminals on the second floor of the I Building.

In the Personal Computing Labs found in the second floor of the I Building, The types of systems that are available are either IBM PC and clone based systems that have a native operating system of MS-DOS. Also operating in the lab are several versions of the Apple Macintosh type computer. The PCs are text driven systems. You need to know some MS-DOS commands. The Macintosh computers are easier to use, although you still need to know something about the Macintosh Environment.

Some students will need to have access to the mainframe computer systems that are available on campus. The most common on campus is the Digital Equipment Corporation VAX system. Terminals allowing access to the VAX are in the library and on the second floor of the I building. To work in this system you need a special account granted by the ACC (Academic Computing Center). You also will need to be familiar with some commands in DCL (Digital Command Language). Access to the VAX can be made from home also. All that is necessary to do this is a personal computer with a modem and a copy of PC KERMIT.