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Case Application Subject/Content
122 MathConnex Projectile Motion
527 Mathcad Informationa bout Census Bureau
537 Mathcad Information about NOAA
556 Mathcad (text) Information about Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
614 Mathcad (text) Information about Federal Aviation Agency
797 Excel EPA Data Set on the 10-year trend of co emission
701 Mathcad Graph of EPA CO emission data (Data exchange with Excel)
842 Mathcad/MathConnex Concept of Dependency Graph
1041 Mathcad Mathcad Programming example: Bubble sort animation (from mathcad help)
1083 Mathcad Feigenbaum fractual pattern for rabbit population
1283 Java Java Applet animations for Insertion, Quicksort
1322 Mathcad Singular Value Decomposition Algorithm with Application to Non-linear Ooptimization
1346-1390 Excel FAA weather data
1402 Mathcad Sternberg's experiment on short term memory
1443 Mathcad Solving Changepoint problems using Mathcad