Physics 501 Physics for Science Teachers

4 credits, code 3160


Basic familiarity with the PC, and a previous undergraduate course in physics.


Teachers in this laboratory course for science teachers and education majors will learn by active investigative science or scientific inquiry. It will make extensive use of the personal computer and low cost sensors to carry out open ended experiments, which will involve the measurement of parameters such as temperature, force, voltage, light intensity, PH, heart rate, etc. Teachers will gain experience in investigative science methodology and the analysis and presentation of scientific data. They will be asked to pursue and investigate their own hypotheses and will present a final oral/written reports to their peers. Applications to the science classroom will be discussed throughout the course and will include an assignment to structure a science investigation for elementary or secondary school students designed to teach particular concepts by means of scientific inquiry. Experience in the use of internet resources for science, simple programming tasks, and spreadsheet use, will also be gained.